‘V Rising’ adds offline mode and local servers

The patch also fixes several bugs and adds more admin commands for multiplayer servers

Vampire survival game V Rising has added an offline mode for players, as well as local server functionality and several bug fixes.

Yesterday (May 25), developer Stunlock Studios released patch 0.5.41448 for V Rising. While there’s no new content, the patch does add offline play to the game – a big win for players who find competing against other vampires too stressful.

This means that fans can now play V Rising without an internet connection – to do so, Stunlock Studios says to change Steam to offline mode before opening the game.


The patch also adds local servers to the game. To get V Rising working on LAN servers, players must tick the “LAN Server” box in the Direct Connect to Server window, or alternatively use the “ConnectLan” console command.

V Rising
V Rising. Credit: Stunlock Studios

Besides an offline mode and LAN servers, the latest patch includes “several fixes to the ‘Authentication Error’ that hindered players from getting back onto specific servers,” as well as several new admin commands for multiplayer servers.

Other fixes include addressing an exploit that was allowing players to send the same servant on multiple hunts at once, while salvaging cloaks will no longer provide a sneaky way to find extra crafting supplies. Players will now also be told they cannot store soul shards in containers, after people were getting confused about why they were disappearing when they weren’t built in a castle.

It’s been a busy week for the game since it launched to become one of this month’s most-played games on Steam. Stunlock Studios recently shared that V Rising has already sold 1million copies, and the survival game is now playable on Steam Deck and Linux platforms.

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