‘Valheim’ developers reveal a Mistlands bow

A spine chilling weapon

Iron Gate has begun teasing the next Valheim update that will improve the Mistlands, starting with a new weapon.

A new video from Iron Gate shows the bow being modelled and added into the game. The bow will be added in the Mistlands update, which will take the small uneventful area of Valheim’s world and expand it. (Via PCGamesN).

According to the video description, “there will be plenty of new weapons added to Valheim in the Mistlands update, and while it’s a ways away still, we wanted to show you something we’ve been working on! It might still get some additional effects and texture changes, but this is mostly what it will look like. Do you think you will be using this bow when it gets added to the game?”


The bow itself appears to be constructed from the spine of a creature. While we don’t get to see how it performs, we get a brief view of the weapon in-game.

Adding more detail, the official Valheim Twitter account said, “most weapon categories should be getting at least one more option before the game is complete, though it’s still undetermined what they will look like, as well as when they will be added.”

Valheim’s publisher Coffee Stain Studios recently donated £207,000 to charities that aim to provide aid to those affected by the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine. The money went to Save the Children and the Red Cross, adding, “We would like to urge anyone who can to join us in supporting the cause by donating to Save the Children, the Red Cross, or a charity of your choosing.”

In other news, an Elden Ring player has created an app that allows players to track side quests. The app is designed to be community-driven and can apply to any game that has side quests.