‘Valheim’ devs say players should start a new game for ‘Hearth And Home’

Can you let go of your end-game server?

Developers at Iron Gate have said that players should start a completely new game to best experience the upcoming Hearth And Home update for Valheim.

Ahead of Hearth And Home‘s launch on September 18, creator Richard Svensson and generalist artist Robin Eyre have discussed what fans can expect from the update in a video titled Fireside Chat. Spotted by PC Gamer, Svensson has clarified in the video that the best way to play Hearth and Home will be through playing on a completely new world:

“I really hope people will, instead of just continue playing with their own worlds, actually create a new world and start from the beginning.”


This is partly due to much of the new content only applying to unexplored areas – for example, Svensson shares “we added some new locations to the Plains biome, and [if] you have already explored parts of the Plains biome, those areas will not be changed. You will have to go to unexplored areas to find the new things”.

Furthermore, he feels that getting “the best experience” from content added in Hearth And Home requires unlocking it in the order it was planned, as opposed to just accessing everything at once in a pre-existing late-game world.

Eyre agrees, requesting that players shouldn’t spoil their experience “by going into your old worlds and checking out all the build pieces and all the things you get”, and should instead “Play it fresh. Be fresh! Play fresh!”.

So far we know that Valheim‘s Hearth And Home update will add plenty of new recipes and the ability to vomit, as well as a general rebalance to all weapons and more.


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