‘Valheim’ devs share a first look at what’s next after Hearth And Home

Iron Gate teases changes to the Mistlands and Mountains biomes

Iron Gate has shared a first look at what’s next for Valheim after its biggest update yet, teasing changes to the Mistlands and Mountains biomes.

After launching Hearth And Home in September, a blog posted today (October 22) starts by thanking fans for enjoying Valheim‘s “first big update”.

Looking to the future, Iron Gate notes, “we have also begun looking at things for future updates, this time focusing more on adventure and exploration than on building”.


The blog states that CEO Richard Svensson has been experimenting with new textures for terrain across the Mistlands biome, focusing on the team’s “next big biome update”.

While the blog doesn’t share too many details, it explains that “it’s too early to say what the implementation of the Mistlands will mean for your updating worlds, but we will keep you updated once we know more”.

In a more minor biome update, Iron Gate teases that “our dungeon master Erik is teaming up with the art department to work on something to make the Mountains a bit more interesting, especially for those of you who love to explore new places”. Alongside this news, the blog includes several pieces of concept art for some chilly cave-dungeons in the Mountains.

Finally, the blog reminds players that they can now craft Jack-o-turnips in the game to celebrate Halloween. It also adds that Iron Gate is looking into organising another AMA (ask me anything) “pretty soon”.


In other news, Doom Eternal is adding a Horde mode in next week’s update. The game is also receiving a Battlemode rework, which will allow one Doom Slayer to fight two player-controlled demons for several rounds.

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