‘Valheim’ gains an RPG-style class system thanks to modders

Adding a new twist

Thanks to modders, Valheim now has an RPG-style class system for players to experiment with.

As spotted by PCGamesN, the Magic Overhaul mod adds new classes, abilities, attack animations, and skills to the game giving it more of a fantasy-RPG feeling than before.

The mod currently offers six classes with unique spells, player animations, and a new UI to check out. Classes are fairly typical of the RPG way of doing things including stealthy classes like a ninja and a rogue that can teleport behind foes, as well as create clones of themselves.


In addition are magic-based classes such as the warlock and mage with the ability to open portals and use vampiric abilities. There’s also the more violent option in the form of the monk and berserker who can dish out plenty of damage, or an archer for distant shots. In all cases, classes come with skill cooldowns that deplete your mana so it’s down to players to figure out how best to use their new abilities.

Each class is accessed by downloading the mod and crafting the Forsaken Altar which players can find in the build menu.

The mod is available to download from Nexus Mods with a detailed set of instructions explaining how to set it up.

While unofficial mods are expanding what can be done in Valheim, a recent Hearth and Home update changed food mechanics. Recently, a Valheim speed runner set a world record by beating every boss in reverse.