‘Valheim’ Mistlands update goes live after short public test period

The Mistlands are home to the roots of Yggdrasil, the world tree

Valheim players have been waiting for the Viking survival game’s Mistlands update, and today (December 6) it becomes live for all players.

Following a short test period, the Mistlands update has gone live and introduces a new biome to Valheim. It also introduces a new magic system with elemental and blood magic, non-hostile NPCs who aid in monster-fighting, and huge weapon fragments can be found around the environment which give hints to Jotunn. The roots of Yggdrasil can also be found here, where previously players could not reach them.

New monsters roam the world including Seekers, insect-like creatures that are highly aggressive, Seeker Brutes, the largest form of the seeker which flies through the air spewing acid at players, and the Seeker brood – which can be found in the Mistlands’ infested mine dungeons. As well as this, players can also fight a powerful new boss locked away in a vault. Following a quest to create a key called a Sealbreaker will enable players to face her.


The Mistlands update has also added new elements to Valheim’s building and crafting including new materials and pieces, as well as the option to create a base defense to help guard homes against monsters by utilising automated weapons.

New weapons can be crafted including an Arbalest crossbow, magical staves and armour made from Seeker materials found after slaying the monsters. As well as that, new food including Yggdrasil porridge, magecap and misthare supreme are available to fuel players as they traverse the Mistlands. Eating food with a new substance called Eitr will fuel players with magic but it isn’t easy to harvest. Be warned when using magic though as it will drain HP.

There are more details to be found in the update’s official patch notes, but this does contain some spoilers. Publisher Coffee Stain has also released an animated launch trailer for the Mistlands update of Valheim which can be viewed above.

In other news, Elden Ring has announced a new PvP-focused update, which unlocks the world’s colosseums for players to fight it out against one another in duels, team battles and free-for-alls.

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