‘Valheim’ mod recreates Riften city from ‘Skyrim’

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A dedicated player of Valheim is recreating a key location from Bethesda’s epic RPG, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in Iron Gate’s viking survival game.

Twitch streamer and creator Dreggas13 has been utilising Valheim’s settlement building aspects to craft a version of Riften, one of the nine major cities found in Skyrim (as spotted by PCGamesN). Found in the southeast of the continent, the heavily forested area borders key Elder Scrolls locations Morrowind and Cyrodiil.

Dreggas13 has been showing off their work as part of an ongoing “Skyrim comes to Valheim” series on their Twitch channel, alongside showcasing developments on Reddit. The most recent development is the recreation of Riften’s Honeyside house, a property that can be purchased in Skyrim.

Building Riften from Skyrim: Honeyside. Just finished this last night. We’ve come to realize that the buildings in skyrim make no sense, but we’re making it happen. Going to be working on the Sleeping Lodge tonight. from valheim


Beyond just crafting the surface details of the area, the creator has also dug down into Valheim’s depths to present an authentic take on Riften’s sewers. It wouldn’t be a nod to an Elder Scrolls game if there weren’t plenty of scurrying about underground, after all.

The Valheim community recently took another step in making the game closer to Skyrim, with a mod that adds pet dogs to the game. While wolves could already be encountered in the game, the mod brings in wild dogs roaming the Black Forest area when it rains. If players tame them with treats, the dog can join them as a companion – a slight upgrade on Skyrim’s housebound pets.

The next official update for Valheim will be the mountains biome update, which is expected in early 2022.

In other news, a new-generation version of Cyberpunk 2077 may be close to launch. A PS5 listing for the futuristic RPG has been spotted, along with what appears to be new cover art for the game.

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