‘Valheim’ patch adds “full cross-play support” ahead of Game Pass debut

The feature will come in handy when it launches on Xbox next year

The latest Valheim patch has added “full cross-play support” to the game, allowing fans to play together regardless of the storefront or platform they’re on.

“This patch includes full crossplay support, which means that you will be able to play with any other Valheim player, no matter where they’re playing from,” reads patch notes published yesterday (September 27). “If your friends get the game through a different platform, you’ll be able to join their game and show them the ropes. Or why not invite them over to your world and show them all your cool buildings?”

As it stands, Valheim is only available through on Windows and Linux – which means the game’s only two platforms are PC and Steam Deck. However, the Viking survival game is planned to launch on Xbox in spring 2023 – which is when cross-play will prove especially handy for groups trying to play across Xbox and PC.


Valheim. Credit: Iron Gate.

“Our friends at Piktiv have worked hard to make sure the game looks and feels the same regardless of what platform you’re using, but the patch does entail a minor change to the GUI in the starting menu in order to make other people’s worlds as smooth as possible,” Iron Gate’s patch notes add.

“If you’re playing as a Steam player with other Steam players, it will work just the same as before (with the addition of now being able to mark a server as favourite),” continues the studio. “If one or more players are playing from a different platform, there will instead be a join code that you can use in order to enter the game.”

Dedicated server hosts who want to allow crossplay will need to enable it in the server settings, and servers will need to be “Joinable both with the regular IP address, and with the new join codes” for it to work.

Tomorrow (September 29), Valheim will arrive on PC Game Pass.

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