‘Valheim’ sells over 2million copies in the last fortnight

"The largest Viking population in all of human history."

Early access survival crafting game Valheim has now sold 2million copies in two weeks.

Iron Gate made the announcement on Steam, confirming that the game had been purchased by over 2million players, and that they had beaten their previous concurrent player peak, reaching 360,000 total concurrent players.

The post from Iron Gate compares the current number of players to the highest Viking population peak of approximately 500,000 in 1300AD, saying, “We have now blown a 700+ year old record by boasting the largest Viking population in all of human history.”


The post continued: “Everyone at Iron Gate has really been appreciating all the messages, love, questions and thoughts from all of you, so please keep them coming! And again, a big thank you to all of you for helping us reach this ridiculous milestone in under two weeks of sailing onto Early Access.”

Valheim released into early access on February 2, and within a week had sold over 1million copies. The game has been a runaway success, with players leaving over 42,000 positive reviews at the time of writing.

Writing about the game’s success on NME, Jordan Oloman said: “The basic survival gameplay is so good that you actively forget about the grand scheme of things and just enjoy the moment.

“Valheim toes an almost perfect line between pushing players out into the great unknown and making them want to value and develop their homestead.”

However, there currently exists potential game-breaking “world destroyer” bug that Iron Gate are yet to fix, according to GamesRadar. The bug seems to impact players’ characters and worlds, resetting them if progress isn’t reliably backed up, or if the game is exited by pressing Alt+F4.