‘Valorant’ patch 4.07 takes some power out of burst-fire weapons

The latest 'Valorant' patch sets the Bulldog and Stinger weapons in its sights

Valorant patch 4.07 is set to launch tomorrow (April 13) and developer Riot Games has shared patch notes detailing what players can expect from the update.

While Valorant‘s latest patch doesn’t add any new agents, it does bring a new set of servers in Latin America, which Riot says will go online “not long after 4.07 is live.”

In terms of balance changes, patch 4.07 targets several weapons with a delay to their firing inputs when moving to aim down sights. This means that when raising the Bulldog rifle or Stinger SMG up to aim down its sights, players won’t be able to shoot – which Riot says will prevent players “from getting burst mode accuracy improvements”.


This means there will be more of a tactical trade-off for players in firefights, as they will have to briefly sacrifice their firepower for an increase in accuracy.

Credit: Riot Games

Patch 4.07 has also improved its detection for “AFK-like behaviours in rotating game modes,” meaning that players who deliberately try to avoid participating in matches while in-game will be more likely to be flagged by Valorant‘s inactivity detection.

Elsewhere, the update also irons out several bugs in the game. This addresses issues such as Yoru players using an exploit to fire their weapon immediately after using their ultimate ability, a bug that was allowing players to defuse the Spike while channelling abilities, and a glitch that meant Skye’s Seekers couldn’t break through certain doors on the Ascent map.

Two punishment-related bugs have also been fixed, including a bug where comms-restricted players were unable to hear team chat, and another issue where banned players weren’t always removed from Valorant straight away.


In other news, Activision Blizzard has hired a new chief diversity, equity and inclusion officer to assist in fostering diverse perspectives across all studios.