Valve president Gabe Newell is hand-delivering Steam Decks

Newell also gave two friends free Steam Decks after he was spotted delivering one

The co-founder and CEO of Valve Corporation, Gabe Newell, has apparently been hand-delivering Steam Decks.

According to a recent Reddit post (via VGC), user ‘bitfiddler0’ shared on the Steam Deck subreddit that “GabeN showed up at my house and delivered my Steam Deck!”

The Reddit user elaborated further in a follow-up post, explaining that he received a shipment email that notified them that his Steam Deck would be arriving early. Mike asked his wife to look out for deliveries the following day while he wasn’t home, and when she went to open the door, the delivery man asked, “Is Mike (not real name) home?”


Steam Deck
Steam Deck. Credit: Valve

His wife apparently saw a camera crew with the delivery man and asked why they were there. She also asked for his name later on, to which he replied “GabeN”.

Once the Steam Deck was delivered, “Mike” checked his house cameras, and sure enough, Gabe Newell himself was the one delivering his handheld console.

You can check out the image they caught below:

Gabe Newell
Gabe Newell. Credit: r/user bitfiddler0

The Reddit user also shared more about the encounter, saying, “Gabe was a super cool and down to earth guy, though. He said to email him if she has any feedback (to which my wife replied, ‘OK, but what’s your name again?’).”


Another Reddit user – SeattleRainPidgeons – also shared that they saw Newell delivering a Steam Deck to their neighbour as well.

Valve Steam Deck
Valve Steam Deck. Credit: Valve

“Saw a camera crew going up to my neighbour’s house while I was loading stuff into my truck,” they explained. “My roommate recognized the guy being followed as GabeN. I didn’t believe him. Our other roommate then verified it was indeed Gabe. After delivering my neighbour’s Deck, we yelled, ‘Hi Gabe!’.”

Newell replied by asking how many were living in their house, then he went back to his fan and gave them both a Steam Deck. The CEO even signed each handheld case to make the moment even more surreal.

The Steam Deck launched on February 25 for reservation holders.

In other news, Valve is open to adding Xbox Game Pass to Steam.

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