‘Vampire Survivors’ outlines plans for a busy 2023

“The Directer will soon offer to take the survivors to yet another world in search for the vampire”

Vampire Survivors developer Poncle has revealed that it’s currently working on a range of updates for the reverse bullet hell game.

In an end-of-year round up, Luca ‘Poncle’ Galante started by talking about the “mindblowing” reaction to Vampire Survivors and the success of its first expansion, Legacy Of The Moonspell.

“During the summer we started to talk about DLC (downloadable content) internally and I would usually go for four characters, eight weapons, and one simple stage’, only to end up with our first DLC having double the characters, 13 weapons, and 1 stage that is all but simple compared to the others,” explained Galante.


He continued: “I was absolutely terrified to launch it since it was the first completely new thing we put up for sale, but once again reception was mindblowing and we got flooded by positive feedback, so thank you once again for making it a success.”

“If you like those kind of content packs, then there will be more coming,” he added before explaining how DLCs “will only ever add more characters/weapons/stages and that the main game will keep getting updated regularly with main game mechanics and content so that no key-feature will ever be gatekept by a paywall.”

Due to a busy end of 2022 that saw Vampire Survivors receive its 1.0 update and get surprise released on mobile, Poncle has said that future patches will be released at a slower pace compared to 2022.

That said, “there’s a lot of stuff, not exclusively related to Vampire Survivors, getting made behind the scenes in Poncle,” he teased.

“There’s something weird and big (in terms of pixels) coming soon to the Steam public-beta, and since the Legacy Of The Moonspell DLC has been a success, The Directer will soon offer to take the survivors to yet another world in search for the vampire. The ride only ends when you decide to get off! Or we find a vampire, I guess.”


Elsewhere in the letter, Galante detailed how developers were “forced” to release Vampire Survivors on mobile, so “we still have several features that we have to implement or polish, the most important one being cloud saves and save transfer (potentially save merging too), but since we’re still without a backend/full stack engineer, this might end up taking longer than expected.”

He went on to say Poncle is looking at making Legacy Of The Moonspell available on mobile as soon as possible as well.

In other news, Thor, the wanking walrus that shut down Scarborough’s New Year’s Eve fireworks display, has already been added to Duke Smoochem 3D.

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