‘Vampire Survivors’ patch 0.6.0 teases new in-game merchant

A new stage and two Arcana abilities have also been added

Developer Poncle has released the patch notes and trailer for the latest Vampire Survivors update, which seems to be teasing a new in-game merchant.

Version 0.6.0 is set to release today (May 23) and as the patch notes indicate, which are now available to view on the game’s official Discord channel, the developer has provided non-specific details aside from a few obvious updates (via, PCGamesN).

Most notably, the new update will include an additional stage and two new Arcana abilities. The teaser trailer released also offers some extra insight, including a new lancer weapon and a merchant who appears to offer power-ups. You can check out the trailer and the patch notes below:


Additionally, Poncle stated in the Discord that future updates, including the new patch and patch 0.7, will have less content “due to the amount of work needed to improve on the save data issues with Mac and Steam Cloud. I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but I also hope you have fun with the new little mechanics added in this patch!”

The 0.6.0 patch notes include five new unlockable achievements, including: one bonus stage, one relic to access two minor gameplay mechanics, two new arcanas and one more rank for the Skip power-up.

There are also a series of in-game tweaks in the patch, including “every bonus point in Armour now also increases retaliatory damage by ten per cent,” “music and music mods can now be previewed in stage selection screen,” and a “tentative fix to items sometimes not levelling up near the end of a run.”

In other news, Final Fantasy 14 is now working on the Steam Deck, as a new Proton compatibility layer allows the Steam Deck to run games that have not been ported to natively run on the hardware’s Linux-based operating system.