‘Viewfinder’ is a puzzle game that brings polaroid pictures to life

Viewfinder is a "mind-bending" first-person adventure puzzle game

UK-based developer Robot Turtle has shared details on Viewfinder, a “mind-bending” first-person adventure puzzle game.

Developer Matt Stark posted a minute-long video on Twitter under the #PitchYaGame hashtag. It’s part of the #PitchYaGame Awards started by Liam Twose last year to put a spotlight on games from indie developers.

Using an instant polaroid camera, players take pictures but can then position the photo in a different perspective that transforms the image into 3D interactable objects or traversable environments.


In the clip accompany the tweet for Viewfinder, one puzzle shows that a monochrome picture of a bridge can be used to make a real bridge materialise in order to cross a path.

Later on, the clip shows the player taking a picture of some boxes. Taking the polaroid and turning it upside down, the boxes fall out of the picture onto the ground.

From the footage shown, Viewfinder is reminiscent of the ‘forced perspective’ gameplay of Superliminal and the ‘recursive mechanics’ in Maquette.

However, reshaping the world is not just limited to the camera, as other clips show the player able to manipulate and bring to life environments from a painting and even a television display of classic video games.


It’s a surreal puzzle game, but one that seems to be gaining a following on social media.

Elsewhere, Blood Bowl 3 will hold a closed beta this week. The beta will run from June 3 – 13 and registrations are open now on Nacon’s official website.

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