Viking smash hit ‘Valheim’ has now sold 7.9million copies

That's a lot of vikings

The popularity of online viking game Valheim, from developer Iron Gate, has been proven yet again as it has officially sold over 7.9million copies since it launched earlier this year. 

Swedish video game holding company Embracer Group made the announcement on its Twitter account, saying that as of June 30 the PC title reached the astounding milestone. The same tweet also revealed that the game sold 1.1million units between April and June.

Valheim. Credit: Iron Gate


Just a week after the game’s release on February 2 this year, it sold over 1million units on Steam and had around 19,000 “overwhelmingly positive” reviews. For context, Valheim now has 226,000 “overwhelmingly positive” reviews.

As of today (August 18) the game peaks at around 25,000 active players a day according to SteamDB, and that number could climb with the upcoming Hearth and Home update.

A recent video update was uploaded to the Valheim Twitter, which shows off health and stamina changes coming in the upcoming Hearth and Home update.

The update will change food mechanics, with new buffs available from different consumables. A red icon indicates the food will improve health, a yellow icon means it will improve stamina, and a white one will evenly improve both.

Changes will also be made to the game’s blocking mechanic, which will be based around the players health. A new dedicated stagger meter will increase as the player successfully blocks attacks, when it is filled the next attack will break the block and briefly stun as well.


In other news, Pokémon Unite is coming to mobile on September 22, with extra Pokémon and cross play being introduced. Mamoswine and Sylveon will be coming to the game at unspecified dates, and all players will potentially get rewards depending on sign up numbers.