Vin Diesel stars in debut trailer for ‘Ark II’

He’ll also appear in the upcoming ‘Ark’ animated series

A sequel to 2017’s Ark: Survival Evolved is on the way. Studio Wildcard has announced Ark II with an action-packed trailer, starring the one and only Vin Diesel.

The four-minute-long clip follows Diesel (who plays a character named Santiago) as he and his clan of dinosaur hunters face off against a T-Rex, before finding themselves trapped in a caved filled with mysterious modern technology.

The developer did not reveal many details about the upcoming game, although the story-driven trailer seems to suggest that Ark II will have a bigger focus on narrative than its predecessor.


Watch the trailer for Ark II here:

Studio Wildcard has also revealed that an animated series based on Ark is in the works. According to the studio, the series will explore the story of Ark: Survival Evolved’s Helena, and will star Michelle Yeoh, Jeffrey Wright, Elliot Page, Russel Crowe, Gerald Butler and more.

Check out the trailer for Ark: The Animated Series below:

Studio Wildcard is set to reveal more about both the upcoming show and game tomorrow (December 11). Ark II is set to receive a trailer that is “rendered in-gengine using game assets”, alongside an extended look at Ark: The Animated Series.


Studio Wildcard was released in 2017 for PC, Mac, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game was later ported to Android, iOS and Nintendo Switch in 2018, with a Google Stadia version set to be released in 2021.

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