‘Warframe’ announces release date for ‘Angels of the Zariman’ expansion

Along with more details on what’s coming

Digital Extremes has finally revealed the release date for Warframe’s new expansion, Angels of the Zariman. The update will arrive on all platforms on April 27.

Angels of the Zariman is set on the Zafriman Ten Zero, a ship thought to be lost in a Void-Jump accident in Warframe lore. The new expansion features a new story quest, a new player housing within the ship called the Dormizone, as well as Zariman-themed weaponry and reworks to Warframe‘s Focus Schools and Eximus enemies.

The Dormizone is designed to be a customisable apartment where players can “take a break from the action and threats around them,” according to Digital Extremes’ blogpost. Dormizones can be decorated as desired and expanded using unlockable new rooms. Players can also change the view in their apartment by customising their windows with new Vistagraphs.


Players will also gain access to the Chrysalith, a new social hub on the Zariman, which also features new NPCs and side missions.

Angels of the Zariman also features a new frame, Gyre, who is equipped with electricity-based powers. Gyre appears very agile with a flowing, almost dancer-like aesthetic.

As Gyre deals electricity damage with abilities like Arcsphere, she gains increased critical chance, with her Rotorswell ability dealing bonus electricity damage on successful critical hits, encouraging careful management of these potential combos.

Abilities include launching a high damage “Gyratory Sphere”, a critical and regenerative burst, and an electric shield that shocks enemies and sends out “a large electrical discharge” if the player receives a critical hit.

Finally, there are also new procedural mission types: Void Flood, Void Cascade, and Void Armageddon, which can be accessed seamlessly from the new social hub without load screens.


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