‘Warframe’ has a new expansion on the way – Angels of the Zariman

Expect some expansion on the backstory too

Warframe has a new expansion pack on the way and it’s called Angels of the Zariman.

Announced on a developer stream on Friday, Angels of the Zariman will include a new quest, a new Warframe, and “at least two” new game modes. Numerous other additions will be included.

The new expansion pack will be update 31.5 for Warframe. The news follows Digital Extremes’ announcement that 2022 will be a “year full of doing the right thing”.


At the end of 2021, the developer stated that 2022 would be its “best year yet”. That announcement came not long after Warframe‘s The New War expansion pack was launched. Digital Extremes explained that The New War has “been a project of ours since 2018”. It added that its pieces had been “lovingly crafted by over 300 developers and studio employees”.

Heart Of Deimos
Warframe. Credit: Digital Extremes

As PCGamer goes into detail about, the Zariman is a “deep cut” from the game’s lore. It is a ship that carried those who would become Warframe‘s Tenno through the dangerous Void. Forming a big part of The New War, the Angels of the Zariman is likely to play a significant part of the game’s backstory.

Elsewhere in gaming news, a Gran Turismo 7 State of Play will take place this week. On Wednesday, we will see just over 30 minutes of new footage and gameplay details for the highly anticipated racing game.

Also, the developer of Splitgate is “eyeing up” a Nintendo Switch release. However, it “can’t promise anything just yet”.

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