Warner announces music roleplay ‘Roblox’ game ‘Rhythm City’

The role-playing game will include appearances and performances from Warner Music Group artists

Warner Music Group has announced Rhythm City, a “music-themed social roleplay experience” for Roblox.

Set to launch on February 4, Rhythm City will allow users to pick from several available roles – ranging from music producer to dancer – and roleplay with fellow players.

Players will be able to “explore, dance, and bond with friends” while exploring Rhythm City, which will also host virtual concerts and events featuring Warner Music Group acts.


“As our lives become increasingly digital, exciting opportunities are opening up for artists and fans to engage and interact”, said Oana Ruxandra, chief digital officer at WMG. “WMG is focused on facilitating the foundations of these new experiences by building and experimenting across evolving ecosystems. This partnership with Gamefam sees WMG creating a place for artists and audiences to come together to define and contextualise their communities within living spaces.”

In the past, a number of Warner Music acts have performed gigs in Roblox. Twenty One Pilots and Royal Blood held their own sets in 2021, while last year saw David Guetta perform an intergalactic-themed set and hold a Q&A with fans.

Royal Blood
Credit: Roblox.

Warner Music Group created Rhythm City in partnership with Gamefam, which has created a number of popular Fortnite creative maps and Roblox game modes. Back in April 2022, the studio created Sonic Speed Simulator an official Sonic The Hedgehog game for Roblox, backed by Sega.

“WMG has been a brilliant partner in pushing innovative strategies, and together with our expertise, we’ve channeled that into production excellence creating a new community for music lovers in the metaverse,” shared Gamefan founder and CEO Joe Ferencz.

Fans can play Rhythm City here when it launches on Saturday (February 4).


In other gaming news, Sony has reportedly halved the expected sales forecast for its PSVR2 headset after a disappointing pre-order window.

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