Warzone 2.0 survey lets players vote on battle royale maps they want back

Four classic maps have been listed as options for players to choose from

Activision is reportedly offering a survey to Call Of Duty: Warzone 2.0 players to find out what sort of map they want in the game, with the door potentially open to old maps returning.

CharlieIntel reports that the survey presents players with five options and then asks “which of the following would you prefer for the next Warzone big map”, with several classic maps available to choose. Players have been asked to rank their top three out of ‘an all new map’, the return of the Verdansk ’84 map, the return of the Caldera map, the return of the original Verdansk map or a return of the Blackout map from 2019’s Black Ops 4

There’s currently no guarantee that players’ responses could influence any decisions on updates or changes to the Warzone 2 map, but it does suggest several possibilities for what updates to the game could involve. It could mean that Warzone 2 could run with multiple maps at once, see the current Al Mazrah map replaced or just see Raven Software integrate some older ideas into the current map.


If an older map were to be resurrected, it wouldn’t be entirely out of place when more elements from the original Warzone game are being integrated into its sequel. Late last year, for example, it was announced that classic loadout drop grenades would be returning to the game.

Originally featured in the first Warzone, loadout drops allowed players to purchase their preset loadouts at Buy Stations and have that equipment airdropped into battle, meaning they could fight with their preferred weapons and gear, instead of using the items found in the battlefield.

In other recent Warzone 2.0 news, the game made headlines again last week when a streamer pranked his teammates by playing their own arguments back to them. The game has long had a reputation for heated confrontations on the public voice chat during matches.

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