‘Warzone’ player wins a game by flying a plane for the whole match

Watch the skies, traveller

A Warzone player has pulled off a unique way to win a round of the battle royale, and it involves leaving a fighter plane as little as possible.

Yesterday (December 22), Reddit user LordTexugo (thanks, CharlieIntel) displayed a talent at surviving in the skies in Warzone.

In the eight-minute video, LordTexugo spawns into a Warzone match and immediately beelines for a neatly parked fighter plane. From there, the player proceeds to remain in the skies for almost the full entirety of the match.


Remaining in a fighter plane all game proves the perfect strategy for LordTexugo, as they stay alive for the whole match – all the while killing a ridiculous amount of players from above.

Playing the entire match with plane on Solo vanguard from CODWarzone

At the very end of the match, LordTexugo is finally forced to land to kill the only other surviving player on foot. It’s a satisfying – if violent – moment for anyone rooting for the pilot, as he proceeds to beat the competitor to death with his shield.

Winning a match from the (relative) safety of a fighter plane’s cockpit is no small feat, as LordTexugo spends the entirety of his match battling other fighter planes and raining death from above.

Elsewhere in Warzone, Raven Software has announced that it’s changing the Krampus event after players said the monster was far too difficult to kill. The now-balanced Krampus has lower health and will no longer spawn after the fourth circle.

Players have also been raising an issue where melee attacks are doing nothing to enemies on Warzone.


In other news, Boba Fett is about to join the Fortnite Roster and will arrive on servers just in time for Christmas. The Star Wars bounty hunter will appear in the battle royale just days before his own show – The Book Of Boba Fett – launches.