‘Warzone’ Season 3 patch notes detail high loot zones and new features

'Warzone' Season 3 brings new sabotage contracts, lootable perks, extra weapons and much more

Raven Software has shared patch notes for Warzone Season 3, which reveal new sabotage contracts, more areas added to the map, and “high value loot zones”.

Season 3 of Warzone launched yesterday (April 27), and the new Season has been introduced with a major patch with plenty of new content for fans of the battle royale to explore.

This includes two new areas – the Gulag has been moved to into the hull of a ship, while a new location called Dig Site has been added between the Mine and the Ruins. The area seems to tease Warzone‘s upcoming Godzilla crossover, as it’s home to some titanic skeletons.


Several existing locations have been updated. Peak has been given a “fresh coat of paint” with more supply boxes and more, while Runway has been updated with several new buildings. Finally, Lagoon has been given a bit more cover and a new sandbar.

Warzone Season 3 also brings several new features for players to try out. Raven Software has added high value loot zones, which will offer the best loot on the map. These areas will be marked with a dollar sign on the map, and although the loot will be enticing, players will have to compete with a busy drop zone to get their hands on any of it.

The second new feature in Season 3 is sabotage contracts, which tasks players with destroying a vehicle located somewhere on Caldera. The reward is an armoured truck, but as this is air-dropped it runs the risk of falling into enemy hands.

In terms of loot, players will find that Season 3 shakes things up significantly. Raven Software has added perks to the loot pool in hopes it will “further increase the value and rewards of looting during the mid-game.”

Here’s all the new perks that can be looted in Warzone:

  • Battle Hardened
  • Engineer
  • High Alert
  • Restock
  • Tempered
  • Quick Fix
  • Scavenger
  • Pointman

Call of Duty: Warzone
Call of Duty: Warzone. Credit: Raven Software

Along with these perks, there are two new weapons – the M1916 marksman rifle and Nikita AVT assault rifle – for players to find when looting Caldera.

In terms of balance, there’s some big changes to how snipers will work in Warzone. Each sniper’s potential to kill in one headshot has been tweaked, meaning certain rifles will only drop players with one shot if they’re far enough away.

There’s plenty of smaller balance changes aimed at tweaking certain assault rifles and submachine guns, and Season 3 has also introduced a new operator called Mateo Hernandez. For a full list of changes, check out Raven Software’s patch notes.

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