‘Watch Dogs: Legion’ will no longer be updated says Ubisoft

So long, farewell

Ubisoft has announced that the latest update for Watch Dogs: Legion will be its last.

Announced via the game’s official website, Ubisoft explained that the 5.6 update “was our final update”. It continues that players can look forward to “reward tracks in the Online Mode”. Containing both new and returning rewards, Seasons 3-5 “will continue to cycle and return to the game”.

Essentially, it gives players the chance to pick up rewards they might have missed out in the past. However, there will not be anything new coming to the game.


Ubisoft explains that some rewards to look forward to include a “modified version of Aiden Pearce’s jacket”. Jackson’s mask and clothing set will also feature.

Watch Dogs: Legion
Watch Dogs: Legion. Credit: Ubisoft

While the Watch Dogs series has never been a live service style game, some players may be disappointed by the announcement. Watch Dogs: Legion launched in October 2020 so this means just over a year’s worth of content – something that would be highly unusual for other Ubisoft games.

In recent times, we have seen Watch Dogs: Legion Money Heist crossover DLC. There was also an Assassin’s Creed crossover for season pass owners.

Back in May 2021, Ubisoft had to release a revised roadmap for updates due to setbacks and delays. So, it has not been entirely smooth sailing for the game’s progress.

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