Watch Henry Cavill explain ‘Warhammer’ to a confused Graham Norton

After Henry Cavill explains what 'Warhammer' is about, Tom Holland asks if he can play it with him

While appearing on The Graham Norton Show, actor Henry Cavill took a moment to explain the difference between Warhammer and World Of Warcraft to the host.

On the episode of The Graham Norton Show that aired on Friday (December 3), host Graham Norton asked Cavill about one of his hobbies, miniature-painting Warhammer. Although he correctly begins describing Warhammer, Norton mistakenly calls it World Of Warcraft.

To be fair to Norton, it’s an easy mistake to make. On an earlier appearance on the same show, Cavill explained how he famously missed a call from Zac Snyder to say he’d been given the part of Superman – because he’d been too busy playing World Of Warcraft.


Once Norton’s confusion is cleared up, Cavill explains what Warhammer is about.

“You have to paint them, it’s just how much effort you put into it. There’s the painting/modelling side of the hobby and then there’s the gaming side of the hobby.”

As Norton comes to grips with the intricacies of miniature painting, he’s curious about what happens next – which Cavill is once again happy to explain.

“Then you put them together into little armies and you fight against someone else’s army.”

Cavill’s description draws laughter from the audience, to which he argues that “it is fun! It sounds ridiculous, but it is fun”. Cavill’s never been shy to share his love of all things Warhammer, and even has a playable hero dedicated to him in Total War: Warhammer 2.


After Cavill reveals that he’s also been known to invite people over to play Warhammer, Spider-Man star Tom Holland is quick to ask if he can play, after being won over by the description. Cavill graciously says he can, so perhaps Henry Cavill and Tom Holland will be bonding over space marines in the future.

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