Watch the full trailer for cancelled game ‘Duke Nukem Begins’

The game was scrapped in 2007, followed up by the slated Duke Nukem Forever

The animator behind the cancelled Duke Nukem Begins game has released the full trailer for the project.

The third-person origin story was set for release before Duke Nukem Forever in 2011. Work on the game started in 2007 before tailing off around 2009. Duke Nukem Begins was eventually completely cancelled due to licensing issues.

Gregor Punchatz, the animator responsible for the trailer has now released footage of what fans could have enjoyed had the game come to fruition. Alongside Duke Nukem Begins, Punchatz has worked on Robocop and the original Doom game.


Some of the unique mechanics that would have arrived with Duke Nukem Begins are shown in the footage – which is cinematic in nature, rather than being taken from gameplay.

These include the ability to focus weapons on two enemies at once and use body parts of defeated enemies as melee weapons.

Speaking to PCGamesN, Gregor Punchatz remarked, “we poured everything we had into making the most awesome cinematic Janimation [Punchatz’ animation company] had ever created”.

The studio had hoped the trailer and its links to big-name games “could help us compete with bigger players in the game trailer market at the time.” When Duke Nukem Begins was cancelled, leaving the trailer with nowhere to go, Punchatz admits, “it crushed us.”

The Embracer Group has recently snapped up eight companies in its latest acquisition move, with Duke Nukem developer 3D Realms being part of the group.


The Swedish firm – known for being the owners of Koch Media, Gearbox Software, Saber Interactive and THQ Nordic – has continued its pattern of purchasing game studios. The latest include Denmark-based Ghost Ship Games, Slipgate Ironworks and the aforementioned 3D Realms.