When is the next ‘Escape From Tarkov’ wipe?

The only game where players are excited to lose their progress

As the year winds down to a close, Escape From Tarkov players are starting to look to the future and asking when the next wipe will be. By taking a look at previous wipes and updates, we’ll identify when to expect the next Escape From Tarkov wipe – and what new content is on the way for the shooter.

For anyone unfamiliar with wipes in Escape From Tarkov, a quick recap is in order. To keep the meta-game balanced and feeling fresh for players, Battlestate Games “wipes” the game every so often. This means that every player loses their progress – from the quests they’ve done to the gear they’ve earned – and starts off right from the beginning.

To work out when the next Escape From Tarkov wipe will be, it’s worth remembering that Battlestate Games usually conducts these wipes every six months – give or take a few weeks.


As the last wipe was on June 30, 2021, it’s fair to assume that Escape From Tarkov will be wiped some time in late December. This also lines up with the wipe before last, which was carried out on December 24, 2020.

Escape From Tarkov
Escape From Tarkov. Credit: Battlestate Games

The last wipe’s update added Scav karma, Tagilla, and weapon jams. Looking ahead, Battlestate Games has already shared more on what should be arriving at the end of 2021.

As per a roadmap released in September, fans can still expect VoIP support, inertia (a movement system rework), a new map called Lighthouse, and more. The studio has already shared a first look at Lighthouse, revealing a mix of forested terrain and large wooden homes.

In the past, Battlestate Games has usually teased upcoming wipes with chaotic events that lets players have fun with the final days of a patch. Once these start appearing – and a wipe looks more certain in the near future – we’ll update this article with any new information and a closer estimate of the wipe.


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