Windows 11 users can now use Android apps

A new update lets you play Android games on your PC

Android apps are coming to Windows 11 but are available now for participants in the Windows Insiders beta channel.

It’s official, Microsoft has announced that Windows 11 will let you boot up your favourite Android apps directly on your PC in a new, upcoming update.

This oft-requested new feature was announced over at the official Windows Blogs yesterday, with a sneak peek available to Windows Insiders who can download a preview of the next Windows 11 update.


“The first preview of Android apps on Windows 11 is now available for Windows Insiders in the Beta Channel in the U.S.” revealed Microsoft.

If you want to try out Android apps on Windows, there are a few things you’ll need to do:

  • Make sure your PC is on Windows 11 (Build series builds).
  • Make sure your PC meets the standard Windows 11 hardware requirements.
  • You may need to enable virtualization for your PC’s BIOS/UEFI – this handy guide will tell you exactly how to do that.
  • Make sure you’re running Microsoft Store version 22110.1402.6.0 or higher.
  • Set your PC’s region to U.S. as this preview is currently U.S. only.
  • Register your PC in the Beta Channel if it isn’t registered already.

Unfortunately, it looks as though you won’t be playing Pokémon Unite on your PC just yet – the mobile apps you can load are currently restricted to those available on the Amazon app store.

Additionally, Microsoft says you’ll need a U.S. Amazon app store account. But since most Amazon accounts are cross-region, you should be able to log in with your local credentials.

Once that’s all set up, just click here to go to the Microsoft Store which will guide you through the rest of the set-up process and show you how to get those Android apps onto your PC.

It’s currently unclear when this feature will be rolling out to the general public but expect Android apps to be a regular feature on your Windows 11 PC soon enough.


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