Windows 11 will bring back the blue screen of death

Important bug fixes on the way

Windows 11 was released at the beginning of October, and as Microsoft rolls out more updates, such as improvements and bug fixes, it has announced that it will revert the black error screen to the nostalgic blue.

Microsoft revealed in their latest blog post from November 12 that it would be updating to Windows 11 22000.346 build for beta and preview users. The blog lists a large number of updates and fixes coming to the newest version of their popular operating system.

Mostly Microsoft details a number of bug fixes including an error message which sometimes appeared on startup, some fonts which were not rendering correctly, and the angle at which Japanese and Chinese characters are displayed.


Other errors which were fixed were vital to the usage of the operating system, such as apps that stopped reacting to touchscreen-based inputs, and also a number of issues that prevented the use of printing devices.

In among this number of vital, and/or quality of life improvements, Microsoft has also changed the colour of the stop error screen, putting it in line with the screen from other Windows systems.

“We changed the screen color to blue when a device stops working or a stop error occurs as in previous versions of Windows.”

In Windows 11 the original stop error screen also known as the blue screen of death displayed a white sad face emoticon on a black background, informing you that “Your device ran into a problem and needs to restart”. It also displayed a blue QR code which when scanned will give users more information on their error.

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