Work starts on Super Nintendo World Japan’s ‘Donkey Kong’ area

Expect a minecart ride

According to social media reports, construction appears to have started on Super Nintendo World Japan’s Donkey Kong expansion despite the new area not being officially announced by Universal Studios.

Originally spotted by VGC, tweets have emerged of construction cranes looming over Super Nintendo World’s Osaka environment. Aerial shots have also revealed that a jungle-themed backdrop can be seen alongside the construction area.


Some photos taken earlier in July have also suggested that part of the Donkey Kong world’s structure has been assembled with the assumption being that this is for a minecart-themed rollercoaster ride.

Universal hasn’t officially announced a Donkey Kong expansion for the theme park but information regarding the plans for it have been available since 2019.

Super Nintendo World’s construction began in June 2017 with the intention of it opening in time for the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, its opening was pushed back until February 2021.

The park’s concept model in 2019 suggested it would be adding a Donkey Kong area with a review at VGC earlier this year spotting a locked door hidden towards the north of the park featuring a Donkey Kong style design.

The theme park currently offers a Mario Kart roller coaster which takes place inside Bowser’s Castle. It uses a mixture of physical elements such as the kart and track, along with AR goggles so visitors can experience the traditional Mario Kart power-ups. A virtual flyover tour of the park is available online.


In related theme park news, Super Nintendo World Orlando is reportedly opening in 2025, two years later than originally planned.

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