‘World Of Warcraft’ Felguard bug exploit being used in Mythic runs

Even though a solution has been found, some players are taking advantage of the exploit

A recently discovered World Of Warcraft exploit bug which buffed warlock players’ Felguard minion is being used in high-end Mythic+ runs.

Last week, it was reported that a player accidentally discovered a bug in Shadowlands‘ replayable, roguelike instance Torghast. The bug made it so when a warlock’s summonable Felguard minion received buffs within the instance, it still retained them outside once completed. Their Felguard was equipped with 400,000 health and 12,000 damage per second (DPS).

Of course, the player who discovered it didn’t want to be suspended by Blizzard for accidentally having the exploit attached to their character and asked for help in getting rid of the bug, and they eventually found a solution by using the Glyph of Wrathguard.


As reported by PCGamesN, a Chinese player named Neo posted a new YouTube video showing the exploit in action. They demonstrated their Felguard at 2.6million HP which also delivered an average of 175,000 DPS, but sometimes peaking at 950,000.

‘World Of Warcraft: Dragonflight’. CREDIT: Blizzard

175,000 is nearly ten times the average DPS of World Of Warcraft Mythic raiders, so the exploit is doing a  massive amount of damage in the runs. However, Neo isn’t using the exploit for their own gain, they simply wanted to draw attention to the bug in the YouTube video. However, not all warlock players are quick to remove the buffs.

Some recent record Mythic+ runs in China suggest that they were completed using the exploited bug, for example, two runs of Mists of Tirna Scithe, a +31 run and a +34 run, were logged on Chinese operator NetEase. As PCGamesN pointed out, “the former beats the previous record by around seven minutes, the latter by around eight minutes.”

Blizzard has yet to address the Torghast Felguard bug, so it’s unclear when it will be fixed.

In other news, World Of Warcraft: Dragonflight will be removing gendered language from its character creation menu, according to the newly released alpha.