‘World Of Warcraft’ lead cinematic designer revisits the original Black Temple trailer

A hefty dose of gaming nostalgia

World Of Warcraft has released a video as part of its Building Azeroth series, which revisits the original Black Temple trailer.

The Black Temple is coming to Burning Crusade Classic soon, so lead cinematic designer Terran Gregory has revisited the original. Gregory’s first job at Blizzard was designing the Black Temple trailer, and he originally got the job after he created a fan film to celebrate his in-game guild.

In the video, Gregory goes over the design details behind the characters, locations, and animations used in the trailer. Interestingly, much of the animation used in the trailer came from player characters. The team did not create animations; instead, they used footage directly from the game.


Last year World Of Warcraft released an update for its Shadowlands expansion which reintroduced class-based armour to the game. “When people think of class armour sets, they think of unique set bonuses,” he said. “If you’re an Affliction Warlock, you’ll have an Affliction bonus, and it’ll change into Destruction or whatever if you change specs.”

“We want to not only create a spec bonus but also something that might change the way you engage with your class,” added Day. “That’s always been something that we felt was valuable with armour sets in previous World of Warcraft expansions – it’s a way to make your gameplay feel fresh every time we introduce a new armour set.”

In other news, a new report has revealed the extensive level of crunch developers at TT Games underwent during the development of LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. Staff were reportedly pressured into crunch, with one former employee saying, “It was very soft-spoken blackmail. If people don’t start doing overtime, there’s going to be problems.”