‘Wreckfest’ brings back ‘Carmageddon’ in new (censored) tournament

It's a match made in hell

Racing game Wreckfest is getting nostalgic with its latest update, which brings back classic gory racer Carmageddon.

Based on the censored version of the 1997 racing game – as Wreckfest carries a PEGI 12 and Teen rating – the new Carmageddon Tournament launched yesterday (August 3) on all platforms as a free update.

Players can take part in not only wrecking opponents but also zombies (and zombie cows) in two different events on two classic Carmageddon tracks, Bleak City and Death Canyon.


It’s also possible to unlock a new car, the Eagle R, which comes from Carmageddon: Max Damage, the updated console version of the latest installment of the series Carmageddon: Reincarnation first released on PC in 2015.

There’s a monthly event called Carnage Accumulator, where players will have three minutes to freely roam the map of Bleak City, scoring as high a score as possible by wrecking AI cars and eliminating green-blooded zombies.

A number of weekly Death Races will also be held in either Bleak City or Death Canyon, where players will get behind the wheel of the Eagle R to race from checkpoint to checkpoint, while causing as much wreckage as possible.

The original Carmageddon was released for PC and Mac in 1997, which was summarily banned or censored for its graphic violence, although the first Grand Theft Auto would also be released later that year.

In the UK, the first release of the game removed the ability to run over pedestrians, which were changed to zombies with green blood or robots with black oil.


Elsewhere, Fortnite dataminers have found DaBaby emotes in the game files, although Epic Games may choose not to release this as the rapper is currently amidst an homophobia scandal.

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