Xbox Game Pass stats show subscribers play 40 per cent more games

Subscribers spend 50 per cent more on addons and in-game purchases

During GDC 2022, Microsoft released Game Pass statistics which suggest that service users try out more games than those who aren’t subscribed.

The statistics were shared on Twitter by user Benji-Sales, who posted the infographics shared by Microsoft during GDC 2022.

The details suggest that players who are subscribed to the service will play 40 per cent more games than those who aren’t. Those subscribed will also spend 50 per cent more on the games they play via in-game purchases and add-ons.


According to one of the images, “independent developers have seen triple-digit growth for their pay-to-play titles when comparing to prior of the launch of Game Pass.” This, combined with the above numbers, suggests that subscribed players are more likely to try out indie games that they may not have paid for outside of the service, leading to a growth of 300 per cent.

Large publishers also see an increase of 3.5 times the number of average daily users during the first 30 days of a game’s introduction to Game Pass. For indie developers, the average number of monthly users for the first 90 days increased by 15 times.

Late last year, rumours suggested that Sony was working on a service to compete with Game Pass. The project, codenamed “Spartacus”, is rumoured to combine PlayStation’s existing PlayStation Now and PlayStation Plus services.

The service is also suggested to contain three tiers of subscription level. One would behave similarly to the existing PlayStation Plus subscription service; the next would include a library of PS4 and PS5 titles, similar to Game Pass. According to reports, the third option would also have a library of classic PS1, PS2, PS3, and PSP games.


In other news, the director of CD Projekt Red’s upcoming Witcher game has said that crunch will never happen “on my watch.”

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