Xbox may be working on a Wu-Tang Clan themed RPG called ‘Shaolin’

Enter the 36 dungeons

Xbox is allegedly working with Brass Lion Entertainment to create a Wu-Tang Clan themed game, currently called Shaolin.

According to Windows Central – and verified by journalist Jeff Grub – Xbox is reportedly working with Brass Lion Entertainment to create a Wu-Tang Clan themed action RPG.

Speaking on GamesBeat Decides, Grubb said that it is “a game based on Wu-Tang”.


Windows Central reports that Shaolin will be a third-person RPG with four-player co-op and a focus on melee combat. Furthermore, Shaolin will reportedly have a campaign that runs for “a couple of dozen hours” and will feature endgame content with seasonal updates.

Earlier in the year, Brass Lion co-founder Manveer Heir tweeted that development positions were available to work on “an unannounced action-RPG with a dope anime aesthetic”.

Wu-Tang Clan will allegedly be leading efforts to create the game’s soundtrack, though not much else has been revealed regarding their involvement.

A relatively new studio, Brass Lion Entertainment’s founding members are industry veterans that have separately worked on games like Mass Effect 3, Sleeping Dogs, Skyrim and Fallout 3.

Brass Lion Entertainment is currently hiring for a variety of positions that reveal some more about the game. In an advertisement for a lead 3D environment artist, the description notes that this upcoming action-RPG game will release on “the next generation of consoles and PC”.  A similar listing for a gameplay programmer reveals that the same action-RPG is being created using Unreal Engine 4.


Brass Lion Entertainment’s website makes no mention of Shaolin, though it’s fair to assume that it is the action-RPG frequently mentioned.

In other news, a Fallout 4 mod called Project Mojave has been released, letting players visit a stunning recreation of the Nevada wasteland in Fallout: New Vegas.