Xbox mini fridge pre-orders go live next week with £90 price tag

Do you reckon it plays Skyrim?

It’s official, the Xbox mini fridge is going up for pre-order, and it’ll be available and in homes by December this year.

According to an Xbox Wire post, pre-orders go live on October 19, and arrive across multiple retailers globally in December. It’ll cost £89.99 ($99.99/ €99.99) and will be available exclusively through Target in the US and GAME in the UK, whilst the other available European countries can get it through Game Stop EU, Micromania, or Toynk.

This is the “first wave” of production, with Microsoft hoping to expand regional availability in 2022. The fridge will be able to hold up to ten cans  and will have two shelves in the door, with the door also housing a USB charging port. A DC power adapter also means the fridge can be used on the go.


The design of the fridge was displayed in a short video at the end of Microsoft’s E3 conference this year – it certainly looked like an Xbox then, and it does now.

The fridge was birthed from fans who compared the Xbox Series X design to a fridge when it was announced in 2019. Xbox PR then ran with it and eventually promised that an actual Xbox mini fridge would be released.

Maybe you’ll even get to grab a drink from the fridge and then play Final Fantasy XIV on your Xbox console, as Naoki Yoshida has revealed that discussions surrounding getting the MMO on the console have been “positive” so far.

“We are still in discussions with Microsoft and I feel like our discussions are going in a positive-like tone,” said Yoshida.


In other news, Steam is removing NFT games, titles either made up of blockchain technology or that have cryptocurrency trading, from the platform.