Xbox Series X|S is already outpacing Xbox One sales in Japan

In less than a year, the console has surpassed four years of Xbox One sales

The Xbox Series X|S has sold over 100,000 units in Japan, which means that the console has already outdone what it took the Xbox One four years to achieve. 

Initially reported by Japanese publication Famitsu (thanks, the Xbox Series X has sold 64,283 units, whilst the Xbox Series S has sold 38,307. This brings the total to 102,591.

As noted by industry analyst Benji-Sales on Twitter, it took the Xbox One four years to reach that number in Japan, with him adding that the “Xbox Series has stronger than expected momentum in Japan and could outsell Xbox One lifetime by end of 2021.” For comparison, the Xbox Series X|S has reach that same milestone in 11 months.


Whilst these numbers are looking good for Microsoft, who has been attempting to edge into the Japanese market for years, the Xbox is still leagues behind both the PlayStation and Nintendo Switch.

Also mentioned by, the PS5 has already sold 1.1million units in Japan, and the Nintendo Switch OLED has sold 138,409 units in its first week, bringing the Switch’s total to 17.1million.

Xbox Series S
Xbox Series S. Credit: Microsoft

Still, the newest Xbox consoles could be the push Microsoft needs to finally make some sort of dent in the Japanese market, but only time will tell.

The long-requested Xbox mini fridge is going up for pre-order tomorrow as well, with it hopefully in homes across the US and Europe this December. It’ll cost £90 and can hold 10 cans, be used on the go, and even has a USB charging port in the door.


In other news, Twitch has said that passwords have not been put in danger despite the recent source code leak at the streaming platform, although users should probably still use 2FA (two factor authentication).

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