Xbox wants Samsung TV partnership to bring back ex-gamers

"That's a key aspect of the value proposition, removing that friction so even people that used to be gamers who aren't gamers anymore"

Xbox is hoping to bring back gamers who no longer play games via its newly released collaboration with Samsung TVs.

In a new interview with NME, Gus Grimaldi, head of product Europe at Samsung Electronics, and Pav Bhardwaj, senior global product manager at Xbox Game Pass discussed the new partnership.

Both touched on the expectations the new collaboration will bring, explaining how it should not only bring more players to experience Xbox games but older gamers who no longer play.


“That’s a key aspect of the value proposition, removing that friction so even people that used to be gamers who aren’t gamers anymore, they can go back to gaming… Try the service, try the games and then being able to, if they want, continue to explore into more and more games with a huge catalogue,” explained Grimaldi.

Samsung Smart TV
Credit: Samsung

He also went on to say that the team hopes that the collaboration will bring back those who don’t have the time or money to commit to buying a 12-month subscription, for example.

The collaboration was announced last month and was released to the public on June 30. The partnership brings the Xbox app to 2022 Samsung Smart TVs and allows Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members instant access to over 100 games, including Xbox Game Studios titles on the same day they release.

Elsewhere in the interview, Bhardwaj said that Xbox hopes to boost its player base to 3billion gamers around the world with the new platform release.

“[It] allows people to play the games on multiple devices with a community of millions of people around the world and it also increases the availability of the product in countries where maybe you haven’t been able to previously afford to play or access Xbox in that region,” he said.


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