Xbox’s Aqua Shift controller might be its best-looking yet

This controller will have rubberised side grips

Microsoft has unveiled arguably one of its best-looking controllers to date in the form of the Xbox Wireless Controller – Aqua Shift Special Edition. 

The new sleek looking controller is the first Xbox Series X|S special edition controller to include rubberised side grips. It will also feature dual colour swirls that will be unique to each product, as well as textured grips found on the bumpers, triggers and back case.

One of the biggest features that the company highlighted is its Share button. This can be customised via Xbox Accessories on mobile to capture screenshots, record footage and share with friends and family through the console dashboard or the app.


Players can also remap controller buttons and create custom profiles for said controller, helping it to feel more personal. The Share Button is available across all Xbox Series X|S controllers.

“Aqua shift features a surreal, colour-shifting blue shimmer that you need to see to believe. Playing with the way the prismatic colour moves across our controller, you’ll feel like Aqua Shift comes to life in your hands,” said Xbox senior product marketing manager Jessica Tsujikawa in a blog post.

“Inspired by the fantasy that gaming brings into our lives, we know this mystical beauty will add that magic your controller collection needs.”

The Xbox Wireless Controller – Aqua Shift Special Edition is available for pre-order as of today (August 3) in select markets globally for $69.99. To get your hands on one from August 31, head on over to the official pre-order site.


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Prior to that, Microsoft executive vice-president of gaming and Xbox chief Phil Spencer revealed that the company is considering purchasing a studio from either India, Africa or South America.