xQc mocks Pokimane for not being the “bigger person” amid Twitch drama

Pokimane has been blocked by former friend, GreekGodx

Twitch streamer xQc has hit out at fellow streamer Pokimane who recently discovered that her former friend GreekGodx had blocked her on Twitter.

Dimitri “GreekGodx” Antonatos has caused a fair bit of controversy lately – first, calling out Natalia “Alinity” Mogollon for filming people without their permission and being “desperate for content”.

He then announced he was taking a break from streaming, telling his followers to “live their lives and stop watching streamers live them for you.”


Then, earlier this month, one of his viewers pointed out that he had blocked some of his former friends on Twitter – streamers, Nmplol, Mizkif, and Malena. “Define ‘friends’,” he said in response. “None of my friends are blocked as I see it.”

Ouch. But things got infinitely worse when his former friend Pokimane decided to see if she was blocked too, discovering that she was.

“Sadge,” she said in a now deleted tweet. “Sad to see a friendship end this way but it is what it is. Please don’t send hate his way.”

But while Pokimane deleted the tweet soon after, fellow Twitch streamer xQc has some thoughts on how she handled the tricky situation.

“No shot, you blocked me on Twitter? I’m going to tweet about it,” said xQc while impersonating Pokimane. “You don’t want to interact with my content? I’ll tweet about it and let people know this is happening because I’m the bigger person.”

His argument seems to be that drawing attention to the fact that GreekGodx had blocked her probably wasn’t the right thing to do.


“This will be true now and it will always be true regardless of what you think… when you talk about people being blocked, it says a lot more about you than it says about them. That’s just how it is. You can get mad at me for saying this, but that’s how it works.”

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