xQc rages after being denied a win in fan-made ‘Squid Game’

The streamer was practically cheated out of a win

Twitch streamer and ex-Overwatch league player xQc rages after being cheated out of a win in a fan-made Squid Game.

As reported by Dexerto, the event occurred during his latest stream, where Felix “xQc” Lengyel was playing a fan-made recreation of the popular Netflix show Squid Game. The streamer was in the final minutes of a match of ‘Red Light, Green Light’, as seen in the first episode of the Korean drama.

In Squid Game, ‘Red Light, Green Light’ is a game mode where the players must cross to the opposite side of an arena and pass the line without being spotted by a mannequin. Every time the mannequin turns, it will scan movement in players, and if they’re caught, they are eliminated.


The round was down to a few players, with xQc among them, while the timer was counting down. Every time the mannequin turned in the player’s direction, they would have to stand still otherwise they would be eliminated from the game.

Everything seemed to be going well as xQc successfully made it to the last stretch of the map. However, just before he reached the finish line, a fellow player blocked his path and pushed him back onto the field where the mannequin saw and eliminated him.

After clearly being denied a win, xQc yelled: “This is fucking cooked. Fuck this game, it’s so fucking bad!” The Canadian streamer also went on to ban the player who cheated him out of his win, while his chat spammed emotes laughing at and mocking him.

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