‘Yakuza: Like A Dragon’ is reportedly coming to Xbox Game Pass

Could we be seeing more 'Yakuza' on Game Pass?

Yakuza: Like A Dragon looks like it might be coming to Xbox Game Pass, according to the Brazilian Microsoft Store.

A Brazilian Twitter account noticed and shared the reveal. DLC for the game was listed as coming to Game Pass, before the site quickly removed any reference to the subscription service.

The listing seemed to indicate that these DLCs would be coming soon to Xbox Game Pass, which suggests that Yakuza: Like A Dragon, with some DLC, will be coming to Game Pass in the near future.


Yakuza: Like a Dragon initially launched on PS4, before making its way to other platforms later that year. It was also announced back in May that the Yakuza series would also move towards turn-based RPG mechanics as a core for the series going forward.

Speaking with IGN, the two producers of the game laid out the change in direction they want to take: “The Yakuza series has been transformed into a turn-based RPG. We decided that we should let our signature action gameplay live on through Lost Judgment.”

Yakuza: Like a Dragon was a launch title for the Xbox Series X|S when the console launched in November 2020. It then came to PS5 four months later in March of 2021.

Co-op zombie shooter Back 4 Blood also appears to be coming to Xbox Game Pass at launch according to a leak during the a livestream


Full details of the open beta are available on the Back 4 Blood website where players can register for access to the beta.

In other news, the Wholesome Direct at E3 gave us a look at plenty games coming out in the near future, from the underwater exploration of Loddlenaut to the photo game based around cute dogs called Pupperazzi.

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