You can get the original ‘Ghost Recon’ for free from Ubisoft Connect

DLC for the sequels are also up for grabs as part of the 20th anniversary celebrations for 'Ghost Recon'

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon, Ubisoft is letting fans own the original game for free, as well as DLC (downloadable content) for the series’ sequels.

As announced yesterday (October 5) via the official Ubisoft website, fans will be able to redeem Ghost Recon, as well as the Fallen Ghosts DLC for Wildlands and Deep State Adventure for Breakpoint for free via the Ubisoft Connect PC launcher.

The offer runs from October 5 to October 11 but once redeemed, they can be downloaded and played anytime. The latter however are DLC giveaways, so players would still need to own the base version of Wildlands and Breakpoint.


Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon. Image credit: Ubisoft
Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon. Image credit: Ubisoft

That’s not all. From November 2, fans will also be able to redeem free skins from the old games: Scott Mitchell from Advanced Warfighter, Alicia Diaz from Ghost Recon 2, and John Kozak from Future Soldier.

The original game launched on November 13, 2001 for PC, followed by console ports. Its commercial and critical success marked the start of a long-running franchise, although its recent instalments have met with more mixed critical reception.

As part of the Ghost Recon 20th anniversary showcase yesterday (October 5), Ghost Recon Frontline was also announced. The 100-player, team-based PvP free-to-play title will also let players switch between the different range of contractors on the fly.

A new expansion called Operation Motherland was also announced forBreakpoint, which is coming on November 2, and takes players back to Auroa.

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