‘Zombie Army 4’ Season 3 update adds fixes, skins, and a new weapon

New skins, a weapon, and charms are available

The newest update for Zombie Army 4 goes live today (September 28) and with it comes loads of extra content and a plethora of fixes.

As outlined in an official blog post from Rebellion, Season 3.3 comes with new cosmetics, a weapon, and charms, with all the content as both part of the season pass, and available separately. The below tweet shows off what some of the skins and items look like.


Notably, the 3.3 update provides a fix for the No More Hard achievement, meaning that players should now successfully be rewarded with the achievement after they complete every mission on Nightmare Mode. All other fixes can be found in the blog post.

The extra content for Zombie Army 4 includes a Desert Rat skin for Shola, which is “inspired by various British divisions, including the Desert Rats, famous for their role in the North African Campaign.” Buying the cosmetic pack individually or as part of the season pass gives you the skin, and three different hats.

Werner also gets the Hermann Wolff skin, which comes with the skin itself and two hats.

The MAB 38 SMG bundle comes with the MAB 38 submachine gun, two charms (the Roman Fasces and Roman Centurion Helmet) and two weapon skins (the Strange Brigade ‘Royce’ and Italian Camo).

Lastly, rather occult looking Zombie Wrapped weapon skin set is also available, alongside four more charms based around story elements. This includes the charms Z5 Core, Baron’s Monocle, Occult Tome and Horned Skull.


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