Zynga developed ‘Star Wars: Hunters’ has been delayed until 2023

The delay is to "ensure we meet the high expectations we are setting for fans globally"

Zynga’s upcoming shooter, Star Wars: Hunters, has been delayed to 2023 following lengthy playtesting. 

The announcement came via a post from the official Zynga Star Wars Twitter that reads: “We are working tirelessly to achieve our vision for Star Wars: Hunters. Our ambition is to create a competitive battle arena game that will entertain for years to come.

“To ensure we meet the high expectations we are setting for fans globally and ourselves as developers, we have made the decision to delay the worldwide launch of Star Wars: Hunters”, the post continued before announcing that the game would be launching in 2023 for “Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android devices.”


Despite this, Zynga has promised to roll out “new content updates regularly” in the territories where the game has soft-launched. These territories include India, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brazil and Mexico. Currently, the game has only been made available on mobile platforms despite it being initially revealed via a Nintendo Direct.

Back in May, an announcement trailer for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, the sequel to Respawn Entertainment’s 2019 action-adventure title, was released. Picking up five years after the events of the first game, the title is set for a 2023 release on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

Additionally, Respawn is also working on a brand new first-person shooter set within the Star Wars universe, with the game being headed by Peter Hirschmann who has worked on numerous Star Wars titles, including the original Battlefront games. Meanwhile, studio Bit Reactor is working in collaboration with Respawn on a strategy game set within the franchise.

In other news, PlatinumGames has announced that it’s working on several new unannounced titles with different publishers, including a brand new IP, alongside the upcoming Bayonetta 3 which is slated to release this year, and Project GG.