Instagram now allows people to set pronouns in their profiles

The new feature is available in some countries now

Instagram now has a new feature which allows people to set their preferred pronouns in their profile.

Until now, if users of the social media platform wanted to add their preferred pronouns, they needed to manually add the details into their bio or location field, for example.

Announcing the change, the social media site wrote “add pronouns to your profile” alongside three images of the new feature.


You can see some images of the new feature below:

“The new field is available in a few countries, with plans for more,” Instagram added. No specific details about which countries will experience the feature first have been released. NME has reached out to Instagram for comment.

A person’s chosen pronouns will appear next to their name on the profile section. The feature also has the option of only displaying pronouns to their followers should users not want to share their gender identity in public.

Users can set the pronouns using the ‘Edit Profile’ option on their profile page, selecting which pronouns they prefer.

Instagram has also given people the option to complete a form to have a pronoun added, if certain ones are not already available in the selection.


Facebook, which owns Instagram, has allowed users to define their pronouns since 2014, although these are limited to “he/him, she/her, and they/them”. Instagram is set to offer more options in the future.

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