Itch’s Palestinian Aid bundle raises over $500,000, now aiming for $1million

The offer, which includes over 1,000 indie titles like 'Celeste', 'Baba Is You', and 'Before I Forget', ends on June 11

An indie bundle for Palestinian Aid, featuring over a thousand games, tabletop games, books, soundtracks, and more, has raised over $500,000.

All proceeds will go directly to the United Nations Relief and Works agency‘s efforts in providing food and aid to the people in Gaza.

The bundle launched last week (June 5), taking inspiration from last year’s Bundle For Racial Justice And Equality.


Whereas that bundle was curated by the Itch storefront, the Palestinian Aid bundle was undertaken by indie developer Alanna Linayre, who has also included her visual novel Good Lookin’ Home Cookin’.

Upon reaching the initial goal of raising $500,000, Linayre has already set a new target for $1million, although the offer still looks set to end on June 11.

The bundle is headlined by Liyla and the Shadows of War, a short game from Palestinian developer Rasheed Abueideh. The game “tells a story of a little girl who lives in Gaza during the 2014 war, in which 30% of civilian casualties were children.”

Other notable indie games that launched the bundle include popular indie games such as Minit, Pikuniku, Before I Forget, and Nuclear Throne.

More games have continued to be added to the bundle throughout the offer, and have since included acclaimed indie titles Celeste and Baba Is You. Developers can still submit their piece of software to the bundle if they do so by the end of today (June 9).


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