‘League of Legends’ preseason throws the game into unbalanced chaos

The community is not happy

League of Legends players are reporting a myriad of balancing issues as the game enters the 2022 preseason.

A series of posts on Reddit, first spotted by The Loadout, are showing players absolutely dominating games with a combination of new items and reworked features.

The new assassin item seems balanced on noc from leagueoflegends


User Drachir133 posted his gameplay clip of him testing some of the new weapons, and the community are worried certain changes have been implemented too heavily. The top comment on that post from user MattWay reads:

“Flux (passive): Whenever an enemy champion dies within three seconds after you’ve damaged them, refund 25 per cent of your ultimate’s total cooldown. Based on this it should work on assists too and it should be enough just to barely touch enemy champ – but if they die in 3s you get the refund. Rengar, Noc, Talon, Zed… *help*”

Another commented on the changes:

“Why do assassins always get some of the most rage-inducing items in the game? Last season they reworked duskblade to an abomination and now this?”

ABSOLUTELY BROKEN Hextech Soul + AD Shaco Clone Pentakill from leagueoflegends

One particularly difficult new item is Axiom Arc, a Legendary item that refunds 25 per cent of a legend’s ultimate ability’s maximum cooldown if you manage to get a takedown on an enemy champion in under three seconds. And that counts even if you barely touch them, making the new combination incredible exploitable.


Another user named Azzule posted the above clip of them using a new combination of items to achieve a Pentakill. The video has received over 500 upvotes, with many players wondering how such broken additions made it into the game.

Outside of champion balance issues, some players are concerned that the new map-wide features – namely objective bounties and two extra drake types – have launched with too much power, and have subsequently been plunging matches into chaos. Luckily, objective bounties have already been hotfixed.

Whether Riot will address these issues or not is yet to be seen, but as it’s preseason, they still have plenty of time to do so.

Elsewhere, 343 Industries has announced that the Halo Infinite Battle Pass update will now give players XP for finishing a match. Previously, the only way to gain XP was by completing challenges, some of which were broken.

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