Lena Dunham pays tribute to ‘Girls’ co-star Peter Scolari: “We will miss you so much”

The actor has died aged 66 from cancer

Lena Dunham has paid tribute to Girls co-star Peter Scolari following his death.

The actor, who played Dunham’s on-screen father Tad Hovarth in the comedy series, died aged 66 on Friday (October 22) following a two-year battle with cancer.

Sharing pictures across the actor’s career on Instagram, Dunham wrote: “The shyest extrovert, the most dramatic comedian, the most humble icon. You had lived enough life to know that a TV show was just a TV show, but also to appreciate just what it meant to be allowed to play pretend for a living – and you never let us forget that this job was a privilege.”


She added: “I remember when you came back from doing a production of the Music Man somewhere – the theater had basically been a barn, there had been no WiFi and you had no understudy – and you were as grateful and delighted as you were when you were nominated for an Emmy.

“You bragged nonstop about your kids, you had the best stories – like when you did Circus Of The Stars and ‘that’s when I learned to walk a tightrope, there’s not much to it’ – and when we tolkd you that you would be coming out of the closet on the show you said ‘thank you, you can trust me with this.’

“Becky Ann [Baker] and I loved every second of playing your family and I couldn’t have been raised up by a better TV ‘papa.’ Thank you, Scolari, for every chat between set ups, every hug onscreen and off and every ‘Oh, Jeez.’ We will miss you so much.”

A number of other actors have paid tribute. Jane Lynch on Twitter wrote: “What a mensch. What a loss. Love to family.”

Better Call Saul star Michael McKean wrote: “We knew this was coming. Doesn’t make it easier. RIP, Peter my friend.”


Scolari won his first Emmy for his portrayal of Tad Hovarth in Girls. Before that, he gained fame in 1980s sitcom Bosom Buddies opposite Tom Hanks.

He was also nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor for his role as Michael Harris in sitcom Newhart, which ran from 1984 to 1990.

Scolari is survived by his wife, Tracy Shayne, and children Nicholas, Joseph, Keaton and Cali.