Listen to December Avenue’s smooth new single ‘Drive’

The band have also shared a behind-the-scenes video of the track’s recording process

Filipino alternative-rock outfit December Avenue have released their latest single, ‘Drive’.

The track – which premiered on major streaming platforms on Wednesday (May 19) evening – takes on an R&B feel, a genre that vocalist Zel Bautista has recognised as one of his influences as a musician.

Thematically, ‘Drive’ touches on two partners committing to each other in a relationship and to “leave the worries behind every road / Let our story unfold.”


Hear the song below:


Prior to the release of ‘Drive’, the band uploaded a behind-the-scenes video of the song’s recording process on YouTube on May 16. In the beginning of the video, Bautista revealed that the skeleton of the song was written a couple of years ago, and is just one of many songs that December Avenue is preparing to release this year.

Watch the behind-the-scenes video below.


December Avenue released their last single, ‘Unfamiliar’, in February. The track was released ahead of Valentine’s Day and tells the story of an exciting, new relationship. It also contained electronic elements that guitarist Jem Manuel acknowledged “are somewhat new to Dec Ave’s repertoire”.

‘Unfamiliar’ was the band’s first release of 2021, following the release of ‘Polaris’ in December. The band’s latest studio album comes in the form of 2019’s ‘Langit Mong Bughaw’.