1096 Gang’s Guddhist Gunatita reflects in scenic ‘Sige’ music video

Taken off the Filipino rapper's debut solo album ‘Metamorphosis’

1096 Gang rapper Guddhist Gunatita has released a new music video for ‘Sige’.

The music video, released on Friday (August 13), features scenic shots of the Filipino musician reflecting alone on the beach as he raps about the gratitude he feels for everything that has happened in his life so far.

Guddhist Gunatita also included a short message in the video’s description, thanking his fans for their constant support and encouraging them to “always just choose what is good for everyone”, according to a translation.


Watch the music video for ‘SIGE’ below.

‘Sige’ is the opening track of Gunatita’s debut solo album ‘Metamorphosis’, which he released in April this year. The album also features tracks such as ‘Dndn’ and ‘Slifu’ featuring Ghetto Gecko (also of 1096 Gang) – both of which have also received music videos.

Following the release of ‘Metamorphosis’, Guddhist Gunatita released a standalone single and music video for ‘Ugat’ in May.

Gunatita is also known as a member of Filipino rap collective 1096 Gang. The rap quintet most recently released a single entitled ‘Matsalab’ in June and ‘Gawin’ the month prior.


1096 Gang are best known for their December 2020 single ‘Pajama Party (Cypher 1)’, which water went viral due to a TikTok dance trend. The group then released ‘Buhay’ in January this year.